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Washington DC attic insulation projects

Attic Insulation Services Washington DC

Attic Insulation

Your attic insulation will keep warm air from escaping through the roof of your home, and it will help to prevent cold air from sinking down into the living space during the winter. There are different kinds of attic insulation, and most homeowners will use multiple types of it. In most cases, hard insulation will be placed directly on exterior walls, and soft insulation will be placed over hard insulation to provide more protection from drafts. Soft insulation can be made out of either fiberglass or cellulose, and hard insulation is typically made out of foam.

If you will be finishing your home's attic space, the insulation in this part of your home will need to be thicker than it would be otherwise. This will ensure that the space remains warm enough during the winter to live in. Older homes often have gaps in the attic walls that can lead to bats getting in, and having insulation that effectively blocks these gaps will reduce the chances of this happening. We are experts when it comes to the installation of attic insulation, and we've worked on homes with just about every type of roof that you can imagine. So, give us a call today to get your attic insulated by the best experts in
Washington D.C!

attic insulation work in Washington DC
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